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Make your Christmas Connections with Proficient City

Christmas is about connections. It’s about meeting and eating and laughing.
Proficient City would like you to share photos from your life, and connect with players around the world this holiday. That’s why they’ve decided to hold their #ChristmasConnections event, and give away an iPad Pro.

How do people connect?
They use bells, dolls, stars, and stockings to decorate their Christmas trees.
They share gifts with friends and family, and see the joy of their loved ones when the gifts are opened.
They dress up their pets in silly costumes, and give them silly gifts.
They get together with loved ones and take beautiful or ridiculous selfies, so the world can see how lucky they are.
On this special occasion you’ll be taking photos to help you remember these wonderful moments. Why not share your photos with some of your favorite games?

Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury would like to help you enjoy the holiday by giving you the chance to share pictures of you and your family enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner, unwrapping gifts or having fun playing our games. They’ll be setting up a few categories for their Christmas Connection contest, but any and all photos will be accepted as long as they have something to do with the holidays. Let the world see the joy that Christmas brings you.

Post your photos on the official contest website for the chance to win a special Christmas gift: an iPad Pro! You choose the color, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world. They’ve also prepared lots of other gifts, including iTunes, Google Play and Visa Gift Cards, and some limited edition postcards.

The contest will be starting soon, so start taking pictures! For more news please visit the official Facebook page of your favorite game.

Event website:

Duration: 2015/12/14-2015/12/29

Thank you for supporting Wartune, DDTank, Legend Knight and Eternal Fury.

DDTank Mobile: Gains Success in Canada

Recently, DDTank Mobile was launched on Canada and ranked 15th in Canada’s Google Play total list and 7th in Canada’s Google Play gaming list. The well-received mobile game DDTank Mobile not only has features like parabole shooting, various fighting mode and lots of fashion clothing but also has a Pet system and online and offline double gameplay. Relying on these characteristics, DDTank Mobile has won lots of fans.

Since the third quarter of this year, DDTank Mobile has been running non data-deleting tests throughout the world. During this time, the game has attracted much attention and received great support from players worldwide. After playing this game, players give DDTank Mobile constant feedback and suggestions, based on which, DDTank Mobile has kept on optimizing. Recently, DDTank Mobile ranked in the top 10 of Australia’s Google Play Free Game List. And now, it wins lots of praise from Canada local media and players.

What surprises will this Christmas bring? More new versions or more event rewards? Stay tuned!

Click the link and download the game to enter the adventurous world of DDTank Mobile.
App Store:

Google Play:

Move to our Facebook fan page and pay continuous attention to DDTank Mobile:

DDTank Mobile invites all the players to join the Thanksgiving Events and receive lots of rewards.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and fans are wondering if DDTank Mobile has prepared any amazing events. The answer is yes!

This year, DDTank Mobile is inviting players of all servers to join this grand Thanksgiving Celebration. Players can log in and receive great rewards during the Thanksgiving events. They can join DDTank Mobile’s “Turkey Hunting” to collect as much Turkey Meat as they can and exchange it for awesome Items. They can also participate in the “Share and Like” Event in DDTank Mobile’s Facebook and obtain great Gift Packs.

DDTank Mobile is full of surprises! As one of the most innovative Mobile shooting games, DDTank Mobile is always searching for different ways to interact with players and offer them the best events. DDTank Mobile also has original social systems, like the Marriage and Apprentice Systems. DDTank Mobile is so unique that it’s very popular worldwide! Its amazing battle patterns and offline arena mode are other reasons for its success. Recently, DDTank Mobile reached the Top 3 of Australian Google Play, and maintained its position within the Top 10. Isn’t it great?
Don’t forget! Thanksgiving is approaching. Play DDTank Mobile and enjoy Thanksgiving events!

DDTank Mobile Ranks in the Top 10 of Australia Google Play Free Game List

With the development of the mobile industry and the popularization of smartphones, the importance of the mobile game market has been increasing exponentially. Card games, casual games and RPGs are the three game genres that attract the largest amount of players in the market. In the causal games category, those with a cute appearance and gameplay are the most popular. And DDTank Mobile is a great example of a successful casual game, not only for its unique style but also because of being an easy-to-learn shooting game.

Since the third quarter of this year, DDTank Mobile has been running non data-deleting tests. During this time, the game has attracted a lot of attention and received great support from players all over the world. Players have also been giving constant feedback and suggestions, which helped to improve the game with every update. DDTank Mobile has also been promoting with Australian local media and managed to invite more players into the game this way. Thanks to the joint efforts of media and players, at the beginning of November the authoritative App data website App Annie indicated that DDTank Mobile ranked in the Top 10 of Australia Google Play’s Free Game List.

There are currently a lot of RPG and card games in the market, so it’s hard to stand out. Players are only going to be attracted by games which offer a new and different experience. And that’s exactly what DDTank Mobile does. Some of its features are quite unique: accurate parabola-shooting rail, eye-catching visual effects of explosions and terrain damage, marriage system, fairytale scenes, combination of Dungeon, PVP and GVG, attractive special effects and lots of fashion clothing items! All these features are reason the reason why players have so much fun playing DDTank Mobile.

DDTank Mobile has been collecting feedback from Australian players and is preparing new updates and optimizations. Soon, DDTank Mobile will unite players worldwide to carry out promotions in the English mobile game market on a larger scale. DDTank is full of new ideas and surprises, who knows what’ll be next!

DDTank Mobile Strikes This June

300,000,000 people have played the epic trajectory shooter, DDTank, and now its finally made its mobile debut on iOS and Android! Show off your fashion, charge into battle, and join your friends against epic bosses. Cute can be deadly!


Real-time Guild vs. Guild battles in your hands! Experience the thrill of conquering enemy teams in multiplayer PvP!

DDTank Mobile’s interfaces have been carefully designed to keep the original charm of  DDTank while optimizing user experience – interacting with other players has never been simpler, and the battles have never been more dynamic. Competition and challenge modes have also been modified from 4v4 to 3v3 to accommodate new players and to guarantee reduced wait times.

The classic Totem System returns with all-new features and a simplified interface.


In the original DDTank you can obtain Honor by participating in epic battles against World Bosses, Honor which can be used to upgrade Totems to near godly strength. In DDTank Mobile, there are three new types of Totems: Attack, Defense and Luck. Each can be upgraded by joining in Totem Dungeons, which are open all day, every day. Players don’t have to worry about when they’ll be able to join, or watch their friends surpass them because they can’t play at the right time. They just need to join in and upgrade their Totems by defeating the monstrous World Bosses!


The Pearl System has also been updated to offer a faster, less complicated experience. Now, each character has six Pearl Holes which will be unlocked as their level increases. Players will be able to spend both Gold and Vouchers to collect Pearls!

Adorable combat and thrilling gameplay, what are you waiting for? Join the magical world of DDTank now! For more information, please follow the DDTank Mobile Facebook Fan Page:


Ewiger Zorn 15S 560-Review Youtube Video

Ewiger Zorn 15S 560-Review Youtube Video


About Ewiger Zorn15S 560-Review Youtube Video:

Ewiger Zorn ist ein rundenbasiertes RPG, perfekt kombiniert mit SLG-Genre. Als Avatar von Prometheus wirst du gegen Dämonen kämpfen und dein eigenes Schloss regieren. Du wirst dein Schloss und deine eigene Stadt erbauen, Soldaten anheuern um dein Territorium zu unterstützen, Quests abschließen oder an GVG-Schlachten teilnehmen, und vieles mehr. Du wirst in eine tolle Welt eintauchen, eine komplexe Story erleben und kämpfen! Wenn du ein Fan von SLG Spielen bist, und RPG Spiele magst, dann wirst du die Kombination lieben, die Eternal Fury für dich bereithält.
Games Features 
• 3D Rendering Grafik
• Hammer Kampfeffekte 
• Trainingssoldaten 
• Schloßbau 
• Nebenquest System
Prometheus war ein Titan. Im Krieg zwischen Zeus und den Giganten stand er auf der Seite der neuen Olympischen Götter. Aus Lehm machte er den ersten Mann, dem Athena ihre Seele und heiligen Atem gab. Prometheus hat viel Kraft und Energie investiert, um das Geschenk des Feuers herzustellen. Das Feuer stellte den Menschen über die Tiere. Später gab es ein Treffen zwischen Göttern und Menschen.
Das Treffen fand statt, um zu entscheiden, welcher Teil der verbrannten Tiere den Göttern, und welcher den Menschen gegeben werden soll. Prometheus teilte ein Rind in zwei Teile: Unter die Haut platzierte er Fleisch, und unter das Fett legte er die Knochen. Er wusste, dass der selbstsüchtige Zeus Fett liebte. Zeus sah durch diesen Trick , dass Prometheus auf der Seite der Menschen stand und war zutiefst erbost. Also nahm er in einer meisterhaften Art und Weise den Menschen das Geschenk des Feuers weg. 
Trotzdem hat es Prometheus geschafft, das Feuer vom Himmel zu stehlen und es heimlich den Menschen auf Erden zu bringen. 
Von diesem rebellischen Akt verärgert,veranlasste Zeus, dass die anderen Götter Prometheus an einen Felsen auf dem Kaukasusberg ketteten , wo ein hungriger Adler seine Leber zerriss, die wieder vollständig nachwuchs. Tausende Jahrelang hat er Durst gelitten. Niewieder bat Prometheus Zeus um etwas. 
Zuletzt machte Heracles Prometheus und Zeus wieder zu Freunden. Als Heracles auf der Suche nach dem Goldenen Apfel war, tötete er den Adler und befreite seinen Freund und die Menschheit.
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