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Stormthrone RPG Games Reviews

When the Trium – Beruva, Umbral, and Tem – created Aeos, it

was war. With the Aeon Weapons in hand, they fought for the fr-

eedom of the Driftworld – and now, millennia later, so will you.


History’s greatest heroes and vilest villains have taken up the

Aeon Weapons.


But their time has passed – now it’s your turn!


As the children of a world forged in war, the heroes of Aeos have

always fought with honor, distinction, and strength. Yet this gen-

eration is different. Abilities thought beyond the reach of humani-

ty have begun to manifest in Dawnhold, infusing ancient martial

traditions with raw arcane potential. No matter what destiny you

choose, the enemies of Aeos will have ample reason to fear you!




When the death of the storm god Tem sealed Aeos away from armies of the Voice Below, it also released the dangerous and uncontrollable essence of chaos into the world. To become a Mage is to embrace Tem’s legacy of change, innovation, and elemental mastery. Though studying the arcane arts can leave Mages physically fragile, their long-range abilities destroy most foes before they get the chance to strike.

Constellation, a romantic poem in TitansRise

Constellation, a romantic poem in TitansRise

Who told you that there was no romantic in ARPG game? TitansRise offers you a fantastic and romantic world. You don’t believe in? It doesn’t matter, hurry up to look at the Constellation System in TitansRise!


Constellation brings you a great amount of power. In this romantic and mysterious world, you can use Starlord Guardian Gem to lighten starts in each Constellation. Which Constellation is your favorite? Are you enjoying happiness and memories from the classic constellations while you refining yourself there?



TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.


Official website:

Proficient City attends the Game Developers Conference 2014


On the first day of GDC 2014, the Proficient City team showed up with our first hit game Wartune and many other games also, including Sword Saga, Battle Ocean and DDTANK II, developed by 7 Road, as well as Stallion Race and WindGlory, developed by Proficient City. And that’s not all! Four new mobile games, namely DDTANK Mobile, Age of Titan, Dino Tribe and Coins Fight, together with X-car (both browser and mobile),  made their debut.


Proficient City has been following its motto, “Do the best!”, and will continue doing so. Through the co-operation of Proficient City with 7 Road, Wartune has been doing pretty well on the English market. All the other games presented at GDC also drew much attention. Apart from R2games, Kabam, Kongregate and Aeria Games, which are currently enjoying their international fame, many other game companies from East Europe, South America and Asia also showed interest in our products and met Proficient City team to learn more about us.


“The video games we are presenting at GDC meet the needs of the mainstream market or segment markets”, said the Proficient City spokesman, Xitou Lee. He continued saying that “Proficient City will introduce more games onto the English market. This year, we would like to see more other games developed by Chinese played in Europe and America.”


DDTANK II Official Website:

The Hot Browser Game Sword Saga is Coming

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser, you could feel free to try it on the best browser game on the Sword Saga Official Site. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.


Background Story

5,000 years ago, Lady Isil defeated the Demon Army, sealing them deep into the mountains, but she paid great cost, as she transformed into the mines. Now, the story forgotten, the greedy humans are drilling deep mines into the mountains, and the Demons have found their way out. Heroes and Mercenaries will find themselves into a war they never asked for.


As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. It’s the same case in the world of Sword Saga. It’s important to have good helpers when you are in battle. 


Unlike many other browser games, Sword Saga has eight mercenaries players can recruit and from which they can bring three into battle. They each have their own specialty. Players can choose the formation and mercenary skills according to needs. Different formations can usually mean the difference between life and death.


If you would like to join this hot browser game, just come to the Sword Saga Official Site:

The Cutest shooting game- DDTank II 5.4 Road to God Version

The Cutest shooting game- DDTank II 5.4 Road to God Version


5.4 version of DDTank II is live in September! This brand-new version not only offers more attracting new features to novice and free players, but also add the new battle mode. New Player Growth Reward, Old Player Return Rewards, New Fashion System, Aracde Mode, Cross-Server League Battle and so on. Except plenty of new features, various new events and fashion are also added in the game. Don’t miss it!

Growth Path and Accumulative Login Rewards



As long as you complete the required goal tasks, you can obtain the corresponding powerful weapon, such as Pet Weapon, Earl’s Sword and so on. Each novice can select one from Spear, Undead Axe, Boomerang and many others for free after logging-in game for 7 days.


Closet and Fashion Tab   A new tab will be added in Backpack, especially for fashion and switching fashion styling. You can unlock the required closet to activate the Bonus Attributes in the Closet; interface. The more required fashion you collect, the more Battle Power you can get. Cross-Servers League Battle Mighty Army is updated version of League Battle and held once per month. You can get the qualification of cross-severs league battle and challenge various league members in other servers after you got the victory in your current sever league battle. Maybe you are the No.1 in all servers in some day! Every participant will be rewarded. The top players on the Cross-servers League Battle Ranking will be greatly rewarded, such as rare Rings and powerful Bracelets.


DDTank II is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, character customization.Official Site:

Legend Knight is coming. Prepare to be amazed!

Legend Knight is an enthralling web-based RPG game. Forget repetitive leveling and automatic battles, and steel yourself for intuitive turn-based combat. Dive into in-depth strategic combat and be enthralled by the beautiful fantasy world contained by your screen.


At the end of the God War the Legend Knights lay broken and exhausted. One brave warrior used the last of his strength to lock away the Demons. Barely retaining the last traces of his sanity he fell into a deep slumber to await the rebirth of the Great Forests. After a thousand years of peace the hero awoke from his sleep, but he had lost his magic and forgotten his past life.

Players will assume the role of this wandering warrior, attacking by dungeon, Crypt, Hero Trial, they will gather resources and obtain magical equipment to strengthen the hero. Players can also complete quests and join guilds which they will improve with the help of          their guild-mates by Brave Game,Battle Ground,Invaders,Guild Battle, becoming guild leaders.   For their efforts they will receive fantastic rewards and become the world’s most powerful         warriors. With the help of their allies players will become the mightiest of heroes!