[Experience] Legend Knight shaman leveling experience

In the Legend Knight game, the Master has always been my favorite. Because he was pretty magical, and that powerful magic destruction. Legend Knight inside the dark wizard is equivalent to the Master. After the brother said look at the full level of the road Legend Knight leveling inside (just secondary packaging and testing, after the beta is not necessarily practical).

Legend Knight was born inside a boat. After flying a newcomer to find Captain village began leveling their own way. In the game, Master born with a magic skills, called the rocket surgery. In the wizard’s early (I think it was called before the early 33) shaman’s attack skill that is almost it, but also because it does not require cooling time can not stop using it. So it seemed more important. Leveling technique is to use the rocket to find the same level of blame and self keep the brush down.

Legend Knight Inside there is a skill every three. Brush to six, when there has been a second attack skills —– freezing technique, this time to cool spell, but he has to make a strange movement speed down the ice and have a chance to live in strange, so strange not move . So it is quite possible.

I generally use what is Daguai first freezing technique, then Daguai rocket surgery, basically blaming almost in front of you when you fall. (Note that, in the case of enough skill points, the level of pre-rocket surgery should rise up, basically guarantee Daguai rocket surgery, up to four rocket surgery, you will be killed blame also do not rise too too high, rose up to 5 on it. there use skill points late.)

15, there was a fire punch attack patients is a skill, but to the cooling time, not a lot of use, because it is instantaneous skills can be used in an emergency or when the use, in case there are skill points can be appropriate to add a little bit.

Danlian early, the team can be. To around 25 or paladin can ride with the team seeking death brush strange, because in the 25′s when the death knight or paladin seems to have a group of offensive skill, of course not, and shamans 33 compared to the group of offensive skill. About 25 a person can have their own Danlian is strange to find the same level of a person to find their own point of a single brush. The problem is you enough money before you buy with blue and red.

Wizards to 33, the advantage of this career this time on the show, because we have a very good group of offensive skill —– shock technique, it does not like the Paladins and Death Knights group of offensive skill, it’s the advantages are obvious, Paladins and death Knights group of offensive skill cooldown, seems to be 30 seconds. We do not, immediately after use can be reused. Skill points left early this time do not leave at all, and can impact patients rose a few levels rose to a few levels.

This time the group level one and you almost Paladin or Death Knight (will Yinguai) let him take enough red. And you find the same level or high levels one to blame, he lead a group of strange, you wait for him to lead a good stop with the impact of surgery. You can see your experience bar in soaring. Good fit, he attracted around him better is basically blame, you do not care about you playing weird. He is basically not a lot of red tape, but also because Daguai out red and blue.

You basically do not use blue. Because he Yinguai when you can meditate back to blue, and then lead you up a good fight. Hit the blue and red can also be sold, but this time the equipment is the most hit. (This period is the most profitable period) so you just make sure the team, two people brush will soon rise to 45.

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Legend Knight: Knight career analysis

Death Legend Knight are fighters type: Many domestic players should be very aware of his features, anti-high blood thick, with a strong damage skills and superb defense, is the team leader, this role is not only practical skills, but also the very blood thick, HP recovery speed is high relative to other professions, in large PK is an equally indispensable leader.

Paladins are the guardian type: short Daddy, no doubt, has a large assisted-skills, not only to enhance the allied attack, magic recovery, but also can weaken the enemy’s defense, greatly improving the efficiency of the team, is the backbone of the ranks . Knight’s attack power is also quite a lot, in with him in a large PK, the nurse can give no estimate of the various states and the HP Recovery teammate. Master also can continue to use the high-range magic attacks.

Ranger belong bow (assassin) Type: Ranger remote attack, with many of the same skills and assisted-fighting skills in the team is the main role of damage output, attack the enemy quickly agile, powerful attack. Because of Archer studied less, so that with personal likes, after all we need is teamwork! So it can not play the tour Xia missing.

Worship belonging to the doctor type: we called them to the nurse. Has a large assisted skills to treat the injuries friendly, is a team are essential to any career, I do not think she’s indispensable to me, and complementary skills not only to increase his teammates all the power value in the range and the potential value to disperse harmful magic, and continued to help his teammates to restore HP. better to help his teammates defeat the enemy!

Dark wizards are Master Type: commonly known attack method. Powerful damage output, has many magic skills, and have a large group of attack magic, can quickly destroy a lot of enemies. And can reduce the target’s defense, speed and freeze the target probability injury. If a team less attack method, you can not say perfect. Although her defense is very low. But the ultra-high magic attack and groups will make up for it.

Vote your favorite professional bar! If you have any to add please comment and let us go together Legend Knight.

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Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Sheen Guard is the first hero you can recruit in Legend Knight. This is the reason players consider it a hero for beginners and abandon it as soon as possible. But Sheen Guard hasexcellent Defense and makes a formidable front row hero.They can help players block mostAttacks, thus playing an important role in early stages of the game.

Let’s take a look at the Hero’s skills.

1. Mortal Assault – Attacks a random front row target and causes500 extra damage.

2. Advanced Drain – Attacks a random front row target, causes 600 extra damage and restores some of the Sheen Guard’s HP. This is a very important active skill for a front row tank. After restoring HP, the Sheen Guard can resist more attacks.

3. Defense Skill – Restores 50% of the Sheen Guard’s HP and increases its Block rate by 20%. This is a very important passive skill for a defense Hero.

4. Preserving Potency – Reduces damage received by 60% for 2 rounds when HP is less than 30%.

The best quality for a 1-Star Star Sheen Guard is orange, but it’s not easy reach this state. It requires a Purple Sheen Guard and 50 Tiger Teeth. How can you geta Purple Sheen Guard? You can summon one in the Divine Altar forBalens or Summoning Tokens – this will save you a lot of time. As for the Tiger Teeth, you can get them directly from Dungeons or exchange Lvl 1 Minerals for them. Collecting 50 Tiger Teeth is not an easy task, but a powerful Orange Sheen Guard is well worth your efforts.

Legend Knight Daily Snipe System

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Daily Snipe System

1)       During the event, there will be all kinds of items on sale in the Snipe.

2)       You can check the items of the next Snipe even before it starts.

3)       Every wave of Snipe refreshes the items in it.

4)       The Snipe happens between 12:00 and 22:00. There will be a refresh every hour, with a total of 10 refreshes in a day.

5)       There will be a 2-sec cooldown after every purchase. Purchase is unavailable when there are no remaining item in the server.

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!




Legend Knight
There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!

Thanks for your reading!
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DDTank2 ultimate play set (11 kinds of play whatever you use)

0.1 = 0.12 of the force of the DDTank2 wind

Drag the small square on the small map can find what you want to attack the enemy, and you can see an example of the position is located. (P = screen pitch)

The first play full toss


90- distance +/- demeanor * 2 (the distance on the small square on the small map of the box is a screen with a 9 count, 2P 19 degrees with a 10 count)

For example, the position of the enemy in 1P without wind to attack you with the full force of 90-9 = 81 degrees

Wind up their own adjustments, downwind + headwind –

The second half cast

90- distance * 2 +/- style (but the distance is small squares, etc. on the small map is divided into 20 parts)

For example, the position of the enemy in half P no wind (the wind is the middle of the target position) then you can use

90-10 = 80 degrees it is within the power point with 6.0 0.5P 1P use force except to 6.2 force, the greater the force farther

A third fixed angle of 30 degrees

Constant angle 30, I measured the power point for 0.5P3.2, to gauge the intensity of the end position is 3.6, to the anger of the position is 4 force, 1P 4.7 force

Upwind downwind + power – the power of two right-gap measure your inventory +0.3 high strength, low of 30 degrees -0.4 force is relatively low due to the wind so the impact is not great

The fourth-fire

The other is in the position where the distance 1P, such as the location of your full toss 5/8 no wind so you do not fall over 5 degrees no soil can reach the other side of the block

But outside 1P 8+ equals distance / 2 such as 8 + 4/2 = 10 full force 1.5P location can hit with a little time to adjust to the wind, but the gap between the impact

3.6 The fifth force is small cast

For six and a half away from high-angle close-throw shooting.

90- distance * 5 * 2 +/- wind power 32-36

1/4 small throw sixth method

90- distance * 4 * 2 + Wind

Power point 43 (expert recommendation, I summarize)

Seventh method given 70

The new style of play focused on the perspective of strengthening the day was canceled, and now found to play together Trident is a good choice to pay special attention to this method of attack left together. Why? Dinosaur played all know

Downwind count above 2.0 or below 2.5 2,2.0 count, after -1 force winds count after 3 2.5 -2 7 following two small wind power

1.0   headwind wind following wind following count after count 2,1.8 3,2.0 approaching half P should count 4, and 3 or more 4 count is probably also like the afterburner 2

50 Ways eighth set

Power points and 30 degrees likeness

However, the requirements for wind hit the afterburner requirements than 30 × 2, × 3 points for the afterburner

Ninth method of throwing

90- distance wind * 2 * 3 + (distance 30 minutes 1p)

Power point 4.9-5.1

Recommended: Robber

80 Ways tenth anyone throw

Basically ignored 1P 14 minutes away that is 76.80 1P- R1 c2 p “B” n; o Q- S.

So the wind factor is 2 out of .2 .4 .6 .8 wind

5 can be seen as a basic force = 1 degree = 0.5 wind 6 N (i, q% H, N) _!? 6 d

Such as enemies and you wind 1p now shun 0.2 * W) U # J ‘^ “? 3 x) Z5 [

You will use 76.76 or 77.84 can hit: A) U) p8 k9 W

Gap between basic horizontal distance of 4 degrees = 1 degree

Eleven kinds of methods 3X unity

This 3-in-1 should be a more popular method commonly used to talk about it

Close attack from left to right

Under no circumstances apply to 20-degree drop is reasonable

Higher than the enemy when you can change the angle of plus strong point on the line, but not recommended suitable

To the small adjustment, power point will be adjusted accordingly higher than your enemy when the angle – the angle does not matter

Power point about 20 degrees to 30 degrees than the force point and force the way 7

Close attack from right to left

Adapt 65–73 degree angle for the best, but a different style have different effects themselves to adjust

Apply the method given 65, 70 fixed and 70 variable, a small cast, small cast can be achieved.

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DDTank2 novice card, the Society Card, Platinum Card Activation Guide

DDTank2 Ultra-limited edition Platinum Card:

True weapon boxes X1, Wings Faerie Fire (3 days), hacker sunglasses (7 days), attributes Sarah X1, strengthening stone steps 3 X4, double the experience card (1 day) X1, an additional attack X100 attack trigeminal missile X100, X100 additional 2 attacks

Guild Card:

Double the experience card (1 day) × 1, Big Horn × 1, double feats card (one day) × 1, strengthen the stone steps 3 × 2, the devil’s attack +1 (7 days) × 1, concentrated flame ring + 1 (7 days) × 1, × 1 attack Sarah

Novice card rich content:

Double the experience card one day X1, lucky breaks (15%) x1, trumpet x1, additional attack x50, damage gain 30% x50, Trident x50, gold x3000

Activities reward items are bound

1, into the “Events and awarding the” center

2. Click the “lucky novice card packs activated channels” in the “activity cards close”, enter the novice card to activate the account, click the recipients

3, after the successful activation, you can receive by mail a rich reward.

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Legend Knight pass novice problems that need attention

Legend Knight is a good web games, also relatively money. Legend Knight novice can quickly get started, detours, to facilitate viewing.

Recharge Note: Various drill can be discounted, but be careful landing approach, for example, you are yellow diamond, then you log off from the top eight heroes and QQ panel space, and from the end of the landing QQ micro is not discounted, so when you pay To note that the actual debit.

Game selection: Legend Knight open daily three zones, 9:00 -10 -11 points, the Spring Festival to five zones, 9:00 is one of the districts have a minimum of 11 points is the area most people, if you like fun, I suggest you enter 11:00 in the area, if you are a red list of players want to recommend long-term development of the area into the 9:00, the popular large area, usually more intense competition, the latter can be combined area.

Career choice: divided into warriors and mages, but in fact, in addition to the different shape, the skills are the same, gender freedom of choice, and the game can change sex props, not expensive.

Selection camp: Alliance and Horde two camps, camps randomness great strength is which side of the RMB players much, if you are a regular player, select the camp, may wish to wait a bit, look at the distribution of charts Select the camp, a good camp to enter a good guild, guild good daily income is critical.

Peerage: Legend Knight pass the most important thing, nobility rank determines the gap between players, players can make up a little time gap, but after all, there is a great difference between the highest nobility Super 10, there are 10 more in the future!! advantage is five aristocrat free copy of raids CD, nobility a button to complete daily, physical tasks, eight aristocrats a key clearance brave Trials, and the purchase of physical number.

Monthly card in the card: the abyss and competitive free CD, receive daily magic crystal, gap year on cards and bonus cards is gold on the red list of players preferred card!!

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Legend Knight Raiders pass novice task system

New Year, everyone wrote a detailed biography Dragon Knight Raiders, let Legend Knight pass novice can quickly get started, detours, to facilitate viewing in the form of classification, introduced in turn, have other questions, you can leave a message! Dragoon pass is a good web games, also relatively to spend money, I hope you can locate a target, do not play too blind!

Devil Abyss: The main source of the upgrade experience, 30 physical one, you can buy physical strength, nobility rank increase the number of purchases, as well as daily physical tasks must be done in exchange for points can be physical, the mall will sell fewer physical gifts, Santo rotating victory party will be 20 % -40% experience bonus, it is recommended to retain physical Santo scored in use.

Copy of the task: Daily 20 copies opportunity to purchase an additional number of times, the decision to purchase the number of aristocratic rank, you can get gold, spar, equipped with up-order volumes, as well as the evolution of materials hero, nobility five players can raid.

Daily tasks: complete daily tasks can get a lot of experience, task number and rank correlation, nobility seven players can complete a key, common key players need to complete a magic crystal.

Physical tasks: complete physical tasks can get physical, tasks related to the number and rank, nobility seven players can complete a key, common key players need to complete a magic crystal.

Association Task: complete the task will be to gain experience with the guild guild contribution, experience and star-related, other players can enhance each other’s star, 4 times a day.

Association devil: Great God kill the devil, the other members will get BUFF, kill devil will get gold, spar and experience material, difficult.

Dragon Treasure: 15 chances a day to dig the treasure, will get gold and various materials, follow the prompts to dig three local treasures will be the key, the key can open the horse and the magic crystal stone, the more keys available, harvest the greater the reward, you can purchase an additional number of.

Daybreak Purgatory: materials and equipment to get the job done spar, recommends manually kill, control anger, with minimal clearance round, difficult.

The souls of the Temple: 80 open, the task given to a large number of coins, experience, materials, hero red sole source of material evolution, difficult, customs clearance time, the latter can sweep.

Demon Star Palace: 80 open, a lot of gold, experience, materials, Hallows, Hallows purification of stone, difficult.

Warcraft invasion: 16:00 pm every day 30 -16 points, according to the number given to kill a large number of coins, experience, ranking hurt Association and former three individuals have an additional incentive.


Spatiotemporal chaos: Daily 20:00 -20 points 30, give a lot of gold, experience, according to the number of kills, ranking hurt Association and former three individuals have additional incentives.


Santo rotation: important events, destroy the statue, kill the patron saint, the victory party and enjoy the experience bonus coins, attacking side to enjoy the extra BUFF, the main proposal to kill the main, the main drag trumpet trumpet or kill each other, while the attacking side must click statue not a one-point.

Glory of War: regardless camp, regardless of the Association, according to the combat group, the first Lieyang, two and three dark months, four and five Lieyang, once on, even kill, the higher score, get a lot of prestige, gold, materials.

Quiz: Daily 13:00 -13 15 points, the problem is relatively simple, choose to stay in the right place to get answers to empirical material.

Goblin treasure trove: Daily 14:00 -19 points 30, half an hour to refresh once a four strange, kill or fragments of various materials and the Holy Spirit, can change the chaotic debris equipment, yellow life soul and magic crystal treasures.

Fought the Lord: that is hostile to people captured as slaves, to give you work, gain experience, the premise is that you must fight him, was arrested as a slave, you can find help restore freedom Association of Great God, you can not attack the player level difference of ten .

Love copy: married twice daily copies can be opened, the main source rock of marriage, while gold and experience to get the material, the scene just need to get rid of authority to kill mobs can recommend one side of both spouses, usually within 5 minutes to complete the task.

Team climbing tower: the only source of dragon parts, get Dragon Spirit, a variety of materials and precious stones, difficult, God led require large clearance, opening a new chapter in the need to reach a certain number of clearance.

Brave trials: Daily can kill up to 360 strange experience rating affect aristocracy 8 players can be a key clearance, ordinary players more time consuming.

Indiana Field: cross-service activities, kill the other players get all kinds of treasure, much needed strength.

Alchy: The main source of gold, ten times need 110 rock god, 20-50 times need 200 jinseki ten times, you need 50 times after 500 jinseki recommended not to open after 500, Santo victory party can enjoy the gold bonus.

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Legend Knight Raiders

Legend Knight nice initial attack , shot action is also good, even without make up a good foundation ax believe players will not miss much soldiers. And Dragoon own lineage and make him tough resistance to stress , quit after doing the soul is the ability to have a certain amount of repression . Dragoon walking the sidewalks are generally insured , and the words of others rarely see Dragoon protect it.

Reassuring fill Legend Knight online every good knife , ease of control line , this time you still need to accumulate equipment , even if the meat shorter molding equipment , but also need to accumulate . Allows teammates to pull the wild , if his teammates do not, then you can go your own , too front -line soldiers the opportunity to develop the opposite , but he is not so easy to make up to a soldier . If necessary , you can also directly select and teammate forward.

If the opposite line is too strong, while teammate weakness , which is unlikely in the CW , but passers-by inside or often happen . Then the wretched thing , as long as some wretched , Dragoon has good resistance to stress , will not be completely crushed , and had to quit after the soul even if the opposite of how strong, Dragoon also have some developmental skills.

After a single in Dragoon , speed rating, speed meat dress , made a bottle if you can find a good symbol to complete a wave GANK, such as acceleration, such as stealth, 2.5 seconds of the halo and a skill damage can still strike with teammates to complete kill .

Mid-term , in the current fast-paced , a war would break out a wide variety of groups .

Legend Knight restraint rushing stream key hero faces his Green Dragon in pushing the tower can also play no small role . So along with his teammates battle group into a vigorous tide go inside . Analyzed earlier Dragoon restraint punch face flow , saying the red face flow if not hit the upper hand, so long GG it – . – So where Dragoon was the upper hand most of the time , Dragoon task is to stop this time limit with T, F and Green Dragon with the output , as long as you survive it opposite the trouble. Wave team battles won, incidentally, with a green dragon took a tower , it would be perfect . In the passer , Dragoon not exist restraint as punch face stream as the meat in the middle of his play. But as the meat can not just blindly make sure his teammates can support you , make sure you will not be seconds away, because you’re not just meat, or semi- DPS. But you also do not chase people chase forgotten children in order to kill a man away from the battlefield , because the harvest is the responsibility of the DPS , you’re just a half- DPS, you’re still a meat , you have to ensure formation, let the Master is all seconds away. SNK just like you have to perform the duties of the meat , and then be able to fulfill the duties of the DPS .

In addition to go along with his teammates outside , FARM is also essential, because you were CARRY, you need sufficient equipment support .

Although the case of Dragoon is meat , but does not mean that can play through the opposite wheel Lv, so anti GANK consciousness or have the opposite one or two heroes or difficult to kill you, there is the ability to achieve the support of his teammates anti- killing effect. Body with enough TP, escaped with the help of the eyes and makes sense under GANK opposite opposite crazy again and again . In addition to the other teammates totally outside do not easily pinned deep behind enemy lines .

I hate to use the late entangled with people , especially in the medium term , the result is that we are playing entanglement money, but the latter can not hit the money and others to fight money is completely two concepts, so to see the opposite has you expel people who came decisively TP changeover . If you are able to get rid off him decisively hero , but this time it should guard against GANK , and carefully he tangled wave of people came to fuck you .

If the opposite GANK very strong eye or you do poorly and poor soldiers line situation , went wild area drilled it, not only can play the money can go online to fight money Nakano .

Legend Knight large late but it is still soft , and his golden period is 16J, 16J wave away with it when the play. .

16J time , with good equipment , you can play a wave of pro-active team battles , this time you are powerful . Unless you have a very strong C, otherwise postpone the more difficult it is to play, because waiting for the opposite of C equipment up, you will find the biggest advantage of the ability of the ice dragon increasingly weak , and on to the SPE , the it ‘s difficult to win the SPE dragon Knight .

Like the late and mid-term , a variety of team battles , but this time the team battles to be rigorous than the mid to dawdle , you can even find a few minutes to each other as the opportunity to do it. But the battle group and the medium-term , when in fact should be noted that almost hold the upper hand on the BKB open big play , or just get back to your hero rushed to do is seconds away, Dragoon was second GG ready now. Thing is to fulfill the responsibilities as meat , do not let the back of the Master is a one-time cut over.

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Legend Knight hero major strategic

Legend Knight hero with recommendation

Legend Knight hero recommend restraint

Legend Knight -based compression can be up to full Maronite descent. The new version out of the ring after the soul can also be a priority to fill the Spitfire , so the pressure to be more easily and make money . Stun there early enough stage , 6 upgrade Duron , just like everyone has a chance to push the tower , to 16 as soon as possible , two dragon catapulted out of the ice dragon , is a stakes Dragoon tank output, of course, the other side is you can also melee H & R each other !

Legend Knight recommended attire

Very Legend Knight appropriate attire !With these three , as the existence of a fort Legend Knight has begun to take power !

Black Emperor is to ensure that the output of the Dragon Knight , tank -style output above all, to be hard up .

High-output , high armor , high blood-sucking, high attack speed , black emperor immune control .

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Wartune Breaking News – The Mythic Dragon Medallion & Medallion Upgrades

How to Obtain:

Increase your Honor to 450,000 to obtain the new title, Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl, and you can exchange for the Mythic Dragon Medallion in the Arena Shop. Equip it for huge stat boosts!


1. Once your Honor level reaches Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl you can go to the Arena Shop to exchange for the Mythic Dragon Medallion.

2. Players can only receive 1 Mythic Dragon Medallion each time. The obtained medallion cannot be sold and lasts for 7 days.

3. The medallion can be enhanced by consuming Insignia. When you enhance the medallion it will gain EXP. Once the medallion EXP is maxed players may upgrade it to a higher rank. Upgrading the medallion consumes both Insignia and Empire Truncheons.

4. The medallion has ten ranks, from 1 to 10.

5. By consuming Insignia the item’s validity period can be extended. Normal Renewing increases the validity period by 1 day. Adv. Renewing increases the validity period by 15 days.

Stat Bonuses:

1. The Mythic Dragon Medallion has various ranks. The higher the rank, the greater the stat bonuses.

2. Once the medallion expires, all stat bonuses will disappear, however its rank and EXP will remain unchanged. Players may then consume Insignia to extend the items validity period and recover the stat bonuses.


1. Item description: Used to increase Honor by 500 and is not restricted by the daily honor limit.

2. Required level: Lvl.30

Wartune Breaking News – Shock System Introduction

The Shock system is oftentimes overlooked in Wartune so we are here to give it a brief intro! The Shock system is closely related to the Holy Seal system, offering big boosts while inbattle. To access the Shock system players must first access the Wheel of Fate panel by clicking the Fate button, located in the Inventory panel.

Also known as the Anti-Stun attribute system, the Shock system boosts your character’s Influence, a stat that decreases the chance of being stunned by enemies. Your character’s Influence can be upgraded by using Beads of Influence, which can be obtained through the Wheel of Fate or purchased in the Mystery Shop.

Wartune Breaking News – New Troops

Requirements: Level 70+

Two new troop types have been added: Demonic Angel and Demonic Knight. Both troops can be found in the Barracks.

Grand Lottery

Level Requirement: 35+


1. Access the Grand Lottery through the Hot Events panel.

2. Select an icon from the Tarots and the Astrology Signs panel. Both the Tarots and the Astrology Signs contain 12 icons. Players may randomly change their icon before and only before the wager has been confirmed. Players cannot wager when an icon has not been confirmed.

3. Select your wager type (Balens or Gold) after selecting your icons. Once your wager has been confirmed, you may not change your icon or wager currency.


1. First Prize: successful with both wagers; Second Prize: successful in any one wager.

2. Diamonds Wagers

a. First Prize: 1000 Bound Balens

b. Second Prize: 100 Bound Balens

3. Gold Wagers

a. First Prize: 500 Bound Balens

b. Second Prize: 50 Bound Balens

The lottery begins every day at 05:00. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail.





Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

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